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Sermon Series: What Makes Jesus Angry?

  • Kaw Prairie Community Church 9421 Meadow View Drive Shawnee, KS, 66227 United States (map)

We've all been there. You know, that moment when you've been pushed too far? Maybe it was the cup of spilled juice on the backseat of your car… Or maybe it was your teenager asking you for the 4,372nd time if they can get the new iPhone… Or maybe it was your coworker that won't stop making that super annoying noise with their pen… Whatever it was, it pushed you over the edge.

You snapped. You got mad.
Someone or something made you angry.

Did this ever happen to Jesus? When we think of Jesus, we often picture a cool, calm, collected middle-aged man with a beard, walking around in a robe, carrying a lamb, sharing fortune cookie-like advice with everyone he encounters.

That guy couldn't get mad, could he?

The Bible gives us a different picture of Jesus — a more complex Jesus that experiences real, human emotion. He laughs, he weeps, and sometimes he gets mad. We see stories where someone or something makes Jesus angry.

It's not spilled juice or new iPhones or annoying noises that angers him though. It's bigger things, things that keep people from being included and having a relationship with God.

For three weeks, we are going to dive into What Makes Jesus Angry? So invite your friends and join us for this new sermon series!

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