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Embraced is Kaw Prairie Community Church’s ministry that serves all of those who are differently abled or possess special needs. Our wish is for all individuals to be welcomed, cared for, loved, and to know Jesus.

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Embraced Program

Embracing all individuals means providing an inclusive environment during our weekly services. Each person’s needs will be met on a case-by-case basis. Our staff will work with families to develop a plan that best serves everyone. Our mission is to focus on each individual’s abilities and what they CAN do and not their disabilities. Shepherds (trained leaders) will be provided to those who need assistance.

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Embraced Individuals

If you are or have an individual with special needs, please complete the application and consent form so that we will meet your needs.

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Embraced Volunteers

Serve as a one-on-one shepherd to an individual who is differently abled. You will provide friendship, support and assistance during Sunday Services at Kaw Prairie. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Open to youth and adults. We will work with your schedule to insure you are comfortable with your commitment to the Embraced program.

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Be a Shepherd

Sign up to volunteer in Embraced.

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Be Embraced

Sign up your child for Embraced.


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Want to talk to a real Person?

Anne Levar-Hash helps lead our special needs ministry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her!